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monique la cour

Carolyn is magnificently inspiring... i was so excited to discover the TLP... a primrdial resonance drove me to contact
kathe... i haven't checked the site in a while, so what was initially piqued resurfaced while i read about Carolyn... i find myself in a similar state, re: living a life without myself attached, and fighting that child always hiding in the sand... i wish the best to Carolyn in her search for love, and establishing the life she deserves (in the city, where she's confortable,) as i'm attempting to do the same (again, yes again...)
thank you Carolyn for sharing, and Kathe for all you are and do!


Anne Walk

i love this project.

it reminds me of my own one to one performances.

i will be posting on this find at my own blog. i'd also be interested to know of any other one to one performances kathe is undertaking... kathe, if you're reading this, feel free to email me!

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